The Machine has automatic free mechanism which is easy to operate, it also adjust the cutting quantity & bevelling angel can be adjusted from 0 degree to 45 degree.Pipe wall thickness from 15mm to 75mm the machine can be used easily as a flange facing tools.

Driven Type :

Electric Model : It is Electrically driven with high performance motor to drive, 220v, I phase, Voltage, 50-60 Hz frequency, 1.5 HP - 3.0 HP Power
Pneumatic Model : A Pneumatic motor adopts to drive. 10.25 bar is Air working pressure, 1000-2000L/min is Air comsuming flux. Mostly used at dangerous operation places & for inflamable.

Electric Mode Pneumatic Mode Working Range Wall Thickness Rotating Rate (RPM)
BNFC - 12000-II BNFC -12000P-II 150-330 75 14
BNFC-24000-II BNFC-24000-II 300 - 600 75 10