This machine is handy and flexible unit for the preparation of welding beveling deburing of the material. It has low weight Compared with our other similar machines) which enables to use at almost every workplace and a rattling-free, steady, milling operation. The handling and operation is easy and safe. The machine is suitable for milling steel, VA, Cast Iron, non-ferrous heavy metal with one hand operation.

Smooth and flat beveling face, layer of oxide, facilitate for welding.
It meet the need K, V, X & Ytypes of welding joint.

Land Width 15mm Max. Progressively adjustable
Bevel Angle 30- 60 degree progressively adjustable
Weight 18 Kg
Motor 3 Phase, 400/440 Volts,
1.1KW, 2800 RPM, 50-60 Hz
Model PB M-15